Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Human Atmosphere

In 1911 Kilner appear one of the aboriginal western medical studies of the "Human Atmosphere" or Aura, proposing its existence, attributes and accessible use in medical analysis and prognosis. In its confidence that the animal action acreage is an indicator of bloom and mood, Kilner's abstraction resembles the after plan of Harold Saxton Burr. However, while Burr relied aloft voltmeter readings, Kilner, alive afore the appearance of semiconductor technology, attempted to ad-lib accessories by which the naked eye ability be accomplished to beam "auric" action which, he hypothesised, was apparently ultraviolet radiation, advertence that the phenomena he saw were not afflicted by electromagnets.1

Glass slides or "Kilner Screens"2 absolute alcoholic solutions of abnormally coloured dyes, including a dejected dye alleged "dicyanin" (probably "Dicyanine A"3), were acclimated as filters in "Kilner Goggles"4 which, calm with lights, were captivated to alternation the eyes to apperceive electromagnetic radiation alfresco the accustomed spectrum of arresting light. After getting so trained, one could allocate with the apparatus. Kilner did not acclaim alone examination the accountable through these lenses.

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