Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Arthur E. Powell's

The alone drawbacks to Kilner's adjustment are the absence and toxicity of the chemicals he recommended. Later, Oscar Bagnall6 recommended substituting the dye pinacyanol (dissolved in triethanolamine) but this dye is aswell not simple to obtain. Lindgren7 states that azure dejected and amethyst bottle may be commissioned for the dyes acclimated by Kilner and Bagnall.

Kilner's book was greeted with scepticism as able-bodied as activity but admiring the absorption of Sir Oliver Lodge. In 1920 a revised copy of his book was appear and affably reviewed.8 Kilner's plan was adapted for the heyday of Theosophy and his allegation were congenital into Arthur E. Powell's book "The Etheric Double".9 Powell accurately fabricated bright that Kilner had especially differentiated amid his own plan and the acumen and eastern systems of spiritualism.

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